ACE Trading Potential Program

How To Create ‘PROFIT FRIENDLY’ Behaviour Sequences That Will Dramatically Improve Your Bottom Line In 30 Days Or Less…

Module #1

Activity Optimiser!

($39.97 VALUE)

A commonly held view is that 90% of day traders lose their money and the main reason cited is lack of efficient and effective trading discipline.

Trading discipline refers to how well you perform your trading activities. Imagine now how you could increase your own trading discipline and effectiveness simply by applying the easy to use techniques I will teach you in this ‘Activity Optimiser‘ module.

Module #2

Belief Buster!

($39.97 VALUE)

A little known ‘secret‘ amongst professional traders is that your beliefs strongly influence your thinking and resulting activity. Simply stated, what you belief controls what you do.

Many of your trading losses will have been affected by your underlying unconscious beliefs.

To stop ths happening to you again, in the ‘Belief Buster‘ module I will teach you how to uncover these ‘profit killer’ beliefs and also how to change them into ‘profit friendly’ beliefs.

Module #3

Attitude Attack!

($39.97 VALUE)

All psychologists know that your attitudes have a powerful impact on the way you trade.

WARNING: Even just your attitudes can destroy your trading hopes and dreams.

In this module I will teach you how to discover your own trading attitudes and also your attitudes to money amd wealth. These are a key factors in determining your success of failure as a trader.

I will also teach you how to easily change any negative trading attitudes that will be holding your back from your trading dream.

Bonus #1 – Your Three-Part ‘ACE Journals’

($81.00 VALUE)

It is a well established fact that you learn more effectively when you ‘put pen to paper’.

IMPORTANT: A Harvard Business School 10yr research project proved that writing things in a journal makes them more likely to happen in your life.

So to make your ACE Trading Potential program even more targeted towards your success I have prepared this special bonus of three clearly designed ‘ACE Journals‘ for you to record your learnings, insights and improvements as you progress through the program so you can instantly access them later.

Bonus #2 – Your Complete Set of 20 ‘ACE Sound Bites’

($147.00 VALUE)

Not everyone has the time to study in the comfort of their own home every time so the next bonus I want you to have will make it easier for you to have access to all the benefits I want you to receive.

The ‘ACE Sound Bites’ is a complete set of 20 quality MP3 audio recordings, in bite-sized easily digested pieces, which you can listen to and learn from even while doing other things such as driving, exercising or any some other activity you can think of.

Bonus #3 – Your Collection of 20 ‘ACE Reading Bites’

($127.00 VALUE)

The third amazing bonus I am giving you as my gift of gratitude for your devotion to your own trading success are what I call ‘ACE Reading Bites‘.

This is a complete collection of 20 lessons in an easy to read and follow layout ideal for jumping in and out when you have a few spare minutes during the day.

Your 30-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

The ACE Trading Potential Program includes our 100%, 30-day “love it or your money back” unconditional money-back guarantee, and here’s how that works:

If for any reason in the first thirty days you decide the ACE Trading Potential Program is not for you. Or you change your mind… Or you’re having a rough day… Or for no reason at all.

You can return the product for a full 100% money back guarantee – no questions asked and no hassles either. All you need to do is send us an email letting us know – and you’ll receive a fast and full refund. And you won’t be on our “bad list” or anything like that. We’ll still remain friends, and you’ll still have the opportunity to enjoy all our other programs – both free and paid.

What people are saying about Les Meehan & his trader training programs:

“I’d say the biggest thing Les has helped me with is he has helped me to understand how my values drive my behaviour particularly in my life and also how that affects my trading and my trading style.”

-Stephen P

“Now I have to admit since hanging out with Les and getting to know him and doing a few courses, my trading has gone from being a roller coaster to being a little bit more of a nice line moving upwards.”

-JP Dorgan
UK & Ireland

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